Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mommy's Due with Baby #2!!!

News Flash: blogging with a toddler and working full time from home is hard. Really hard. I'm horrible at it. 

So here we are, Hannah is closing in fast on being a year and a half and I'm pregnant again! I still can't believe my sweet baby Hannah is going to be a big sister. And sooner then ya'll think!

I'm already 18 weeks (almost 19)! Yikes!! I'm "officially" due October 12, 2014. However, my OB has said we're going to do another c-section and schedule it this time. I'll deliver sometime in my 38th week. Meaning, I'm 1/2 way there already. Holy cow!! Why 38 instead of 39? They really really do not want me to go into labor. And I'm okay with that. I'm not okay with this hot summer coming and being extremely pregnant..

But, here is what has happened so far:
  • We found out very early again. I had not missed a period, I was not even late. I just knew. Again. I took my first test the first week in February when I was roughly 4.5 weeks. 
  • Saw the OB for the first time at 5 weeks to confirm. However, because of all the stupid snow in VA we had to keep rescheduling our first U/S (something like 4 times) and finally got it done around 10.5 weeks.
  • There is this brand new test called a Panorama that is a non-invasive blood test they can do anywhere between 9-22 weeks and tests for all chromosomal abnormalities and can tell sex of the baby! We had it done at 10.5 weeks then found out all the results at our 12 week apt. Everything came back "very low risk"!! Which is awesome! Not that it would change anything but still, good to know. Also, we found out the sex... (drum roll please)...WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER GIRL!!!! We could not be more excited. Now to pick out a name.. we have no idea..
  • This pregnancy could not be any more different than my pregnancy with Hannah. We have had zero complications. *knock on wood* I got Zofran @ 8 weeks to keep my "morning" sickness under control. I had another cyst, but it never burst. I've been feeling fantastic. I get tired early at night (like 8ish) but otherwise am full of energy during the day. And most amazing thing, this baby actually lets me sleep. She moves around every once in a while during the day, but we haven't hit 1am dance party status (yet). Doug actually felt her kick for the first time last night. Once. Then she was done. She rolled over and went back to sleep. It's awesome that he finally felt her kick, but I love it even more that she's not all over the place like her sister was.
Now to get back to my pregnancy posts:

*Bump picture to come later tonight. Hopefully.*

How far along? 18w4d
Total weight gain: 0 lbs. Started at 124 got down to 118 in the first tri. Was back to 122 @ 16w.
Maternity clothes? All. The. Time. Except for my yoga pants and a few tee shirts. Otherwise, everything I wear is maternity. 
Stretch marks?  No new ones!!!!
Sleep: Awesome. Wake up maybe once to go to the bathroom.
Miss Anything? Sushi. While I had some "cooked" last week, it's still just not the same.
Best Moment this week: Have Doug feel her kick for the first time
Movement: A few kicks and rolls every now and then, otherwise very quiet!!
Food cravings: Sweets. PB&J sandwiches. And fish. 
Aversions: Coffee
Labor signs: Nope
Symptoms: Big baby belly. Some hip cramps and RLP but otherwise feeling great!
Belly Button in or out? Strange looking
Wedding rings on or off? Off. Not because of swelling though. I'm having some weird allergic reaction to the platinum. I had it with Hannah too.  
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!! A few moody times, but normally happy!
Looking forward to: Annual Preakness getaway weekend!!!