Monday, December 3, 2012

It's December!!!

I have so many updates to share that have happened in the last week I feel like I haven't posted for a month! It's been one very exciting week. The most exciting news??

We're officially having a baby THIS MONTH!!!

That's right folks. My OB said I will have this little bundle by the end of December. While I had fully intended on waking up Dec. 1st and rolling over waking up Doug with "We're having a baby next month!!" I had to change my plans!! While I am super excited to welcome our little babe, and honestly this whole pregnancy thought I would have her in December, hearing it from the OB that he would INDUCE me if I hadn't naturally gone into labor made it so much more real. Of course, I promptly made sure to pack hospital bags for both little girl and myself. Doug has to do his own.. he better hurry!!

So Wednesday afternoon we had an ultrasound since I was measuring so off. Hannah is a CHUNKER! She was measuring 5 pounds 2 ounces. Yep, 5 freaking pounds. Now, I said was because she is supposed to gain at least an ounce each day from here on out. Yikes!! They also measured her sweet head.. which measured 3 weeks ahead and was in the 87%tile. HOLY CRAP! After the U/S we saw the OB (whom I just adore) and he confirmed that with everything else I have gone through, having her sooner rather than later would be the best option for the 2 of us. I will have 1 more U/S next week to get more measurements on our *not so little* babe and then we will schedule my induction. *insert freak out here!* 
Here is a look at our chunky monkey..

How far along? 36w4d (34w4d)
Total weight gain: 30 pounds. I have no idea where it all went!!
Maternity clothes? Absolutely. I can still wear some of my old shirts & yoga pants. But mostly rock the maternity clothes.
Stretch marks?  I freaking found 1. Yes, 1. It's smaller than a dime, but I still know it's there. Damnit.
Sleep: The past week I have had to pee so many damn times at night its ridiculous. Having a good night sleep has gone completely out the window. I swear I woke up one night 7 times to use the bathroom. What.the.hell.
Miss Anything?  Sushi and Alcohol. Not that these are new, but they are back in full effect.
Best Moment this week: Seeing that chunky face!! I can't get enough of seeing our precious babe.
Movement: She's gotten so big I more feel an entire limb move then a simple kick. Poor princess doesn't have much room in there to move around. She has had a few dance parties that I was unaware she was going to have. Of course they happened at 1 AM..
Food cravings: Crush Orange Soda. Still. and Nutella. Don't know where that one came from. I've put nutella on pretty much everything this week..
Aversions: Nothing terribly new this week..
Labor signs: Contractions suck. Esp when they aren't time-able. I've been bent over in pain a few times the past week.
Symptoms: She is going to have a set of lungs on her with the amount of hiccups she has on a regular day. That an I've started getting swollen ankles if I'm up for too long.
Belly Button in or out? Officially an "outty". Oh the joys of pregnancy.
Wedding rings on or off? ON!! However, I have had to take them off a few times this week...
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! (and uncomfortable)
Looking forward to: Seeing our girl for the last time in utero next Thursday!!
Not looking forward to: Nesting. I get far too tired. (but feel oh so accomplished!!)

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