Monday, July 16, 2012

14 Weeks

How far along?  14w4d
Total weight gain: I really should get a scale.. Still no clue. Will find out next Thursday!
Maternity clothes?  LOVED my dresses for the wedding this past weekend. Otherwise, leggings and a few tops. BeBand has been a god spend!
Stretch marks?  Nope!
Sleep:  Fantastic.. when I am home. This weekend in Canada was TERRIBLE!!
Miss Anything?  Alcohol and Sushi. Until I can finally have these two (preferably together) this will be a constant answer. 
Best Moment this week: Seeing all my step-dads side of the family at an absolutely beautiful wedding in Canada. (and reading 50 shades of grey! Laters, baby.)
Movement: I now feel like I have a popcorn machine in there. Only felt it 3 times but so different then gas bubbles. Still likes to swim all over the place, babe must be part fish.
Food cravings: Still fruit and sweets. 
Aversions: Oh the smell of ketchup is going to kill me. I did eat a few pieces of red meat this weekend, weren't my favorite thing but wasn't the worst either.
Gender Prediction: Still a Girl
Symptoms: Super tired the past few days, probably from all the excitement for my cousins wedding. Otherwise, been a pretty good week!
Have you started to show? I think I'm growing by the day. 
Belly Button in or out? Starting to look super weird. Still on the flatter side of things.
Wedding rings on or off? On! I started taking them off at night though.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!! I was a little moody this weekend however. My mother calling me hormonal didn't help. 
Looking forward to: Having a quiet week and a weekend with NO plans.
Not looking forward to: Nothing I can think of right now.. 

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