Monday, November 19, 2012

Daddy-to-be Survival Kit

Since this is Doug's first baby I wanted to do something super sweet for him. He has been a god send through this whole pregnancy. He has been to every apt. (for both momma & baby!) and has dropped everything he is doing when I needed him. 
He is so excited for his little girl to arrive. When we started talking about the baby shower, I knew I wanted him to be involved too. He is going to be a first time parent too. I didn't think it was fair for me to get all the attention. So we decided to have a couples shower.
Then I started thinking about the shower and how many showers I had been to where the mom gets special gifts, but the dad doesn't. I knew that this would probably happen at ours too but I wanted to show him how much he meant to me and how grateful I was.
This honestly took me hours to complete.
More so just thinking of all the little fun things I could put into it!!

Snickers: Because sometimes you just need to laugh!
Socks: You will be doing lots of rocking!
Shirts: For all those spit up messes, you'll need to change too!
Pop Rocks: Because you are my rock.
Candle: So you never feel like you are in the dark.
Coffee K-Cups: For times you need a pick me up, and fast!
Venti Coffee Cup: Because sometimes you are going to need a Venti.
Travel Mug: She is going to keep us on the move!
Granola Bars: For mornings we're just too tired to make breakfast.
Salt & Pepper Chips: For those late night feedings.
Tootsie Rolls:  To remind you to roll with the punches.
Erasers: We're both going to make mistakes.
Life Savers: Because you are my life saver.
Paper Clip: To help you hold it all together.
Sugar Daddy: You're the best one I know.
Advil: When all else fails, take 2!!
Diaper Bag (not pictured): So you always have a back up. 

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