Thursday, May 10, 2012

5 Weeks

Little Baby Gilman is now the size of an apple seed!! Holy cow!! Little tyke has doubled the size in the last week and is now pumping its own blood. CRAZY! Can't believe my little one is doing all that already!! Over the past week I have been back and forth to the doctors to get my blood drawn (3 times so far). Nothing scary, but what all the websites don't tell you is that your HCG numbers need to be over 1000 to get your first ultrasound and really see your doctor. Since it was so early when I found out, I was not even close to that. However, in the first 24 hours that I knew my numbers doubled!! I then waited a week to go back, I'll find out tomorrow (Friday) if I'm closer but the nurse really thought I would be. I'm still shocked at all the things my body is doing and how fast everything is happening. This whole thing is really starting to sink in and I am so super excited. Now for all the not so fun stuff. I figured since I am not showing yet that I would put all the "normal" symptoms down and explain mine on each. So, here we go:

Sore Boobs: Understatement. I can hardly touch them without being in pain. They are so full now too, might be time soon to look for new bras.
Morning Sickness: Nothing horrible yet. Today I had my first experience of real nausea but I didn't get sick. Being in the car is really not so fun though. (and no, I do not have motion sickness)
Frequent Urination: One thing to think about, if you're putting 100 oz of water into your body, you are bound to go to the bathroom a million times. Having the nurse tell you to not go to the bathroom an hour before you come in is a joke, I seriously laughed in her face. However, this is definitely the most annoying part about being pregnant so far.
Headaches: Nothing terrible. Little ones here and there, but they go away in about 10-15 minutes.
Tiredness: I could sleep all day. Unfortunately, I am so sensitive to light I wake up early. Mid-afternoon naps have become my best friend though. Hubs also laughs at me around 8pm because I am ready for bed.
Bloating: I can't really say I have a "baby bump" yet. Since I am so small though, everyone that knows our news so far thinks I will show very very quickly. I do have that bloated look going on though. I hardly ever get bloated before my period so this is a new look for me. I'm blaming it on all the liquid I am consuming.

Looking forward to: Getting the first ultrasound (this will be consistent until I actually get it) & going on a much needed weekend away with some great friends (bring on the cucumber water & lemonade!)!
Not looking forward to: All the above symptoms staying and morning sickness showing its nasty head on a regular basis. Also, having to pick a new doctor in the OBGYN practice. I've been told my doctor no longer does OB. BOO!!!

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