Sunday, October 21, 2012

28 Weeks- 3rd Trimester!!!

We have hit the 3rd and final trimester!! Holy crap. I feel like I am growing by the day and our little girl just does not have that much room anymore to move around! Poor thing.
*Wet hair don't care! At least I showered today...*

How far along?  28w3d --> 3rd trimester!! Woohooo!!
Total weight gain: up 4 more pounds! (Thankfully only 4 pounds!!) 128-->147
Maternity clothes? A few new sweaters. Spent last weekend going through all my old winter stuff to see what I still fit into.. not so much.
Stretch marks?  Cocoa butter I love you. No stretch marks (yet). However, I have started getting a dark line down my belly.. its very faint though.
Sleep: UGH! I want to be able to sleep through the night again! I know that probably wont happen. Ever again. Baby girl has decided that 1 AM is a great time to have a dance party. Momma doesn't agree.
Miss Anything?  Sleep. Alcohol. Being comfortable. Alcohol. Sushi. Alcohol.
Best Moment this week: Gold cup!! So much fun.
Movement: I would absolutely LOVE for her to get her perfect baby feet and toes OUT FROM UNDER MY RIBS. She just loves to get them all up there and kick my lungs. She's going to break my rib before this is all over. I'm sure of it.
Food cravings: Nothing really new. Still sweet stuff. Apple cider is delicious and a new staple in my fridge :-)
Aversions: Salty things!! Tried Doug's Salted Carmel Mocha coffee this morning. I gagged. YUCK!!
Labor signs: Have a random contraction every now and then. Apparently this is normal. I almost crapped my pants. Stay in there for a few more weeks baby!
Symptoms: Holy hip pain. My back hasn't been feeling so great either. I now waddle. (and look like a penguin)
Belly Button in or out? It's just weird.
Wedding rings on or off? ON!! And strangely feeling looser then normal.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!! and emotional. We're back to crying all the time. Thank you hormones. You suck.
Looking forward to: Having a quiet week at home. 
Not looking forward to: Sleepless nights. And the mounds of homework I have to do.

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