Friday, October 12, 2012

And the theme is...


Holy crap batman. This just got real. After months (okay only one) we have furniture in the nursery! Yikes! My wonderful mother and step-dad went and bought the crib and dresser from Babies'R'Us. It took about 2 weeks for it to come in but we LOVE IT!! The dresser came put together so Doug and I spent last Sunday afternoon putting the crib together. Never thought putting a crib together would be so much fun!

I can't believe in a few short months there will be a BABY in that crib! I still screech every time I go upstairs and look to the left and see this! However, I love love love how it looks. This little beauty will also convert into the toddler bed AND a full bed set when our little babe gets older. All for not having to go furniture shopping again.
In the right corner (of the picture) is where the rocking chair/glider will go and on the other side we will have the diaper pale thingy. I can't wait to fill all these drawers with adorable little outfits!! Hello nesting, it's nice to meet you!

Well boys and girls, the theme of the baby room is WINNIE THE POOH!!! I absolutely adore this quote by Christopher Robin!! Doug bought this decal (thank you!) to go above the crib and then my darling sister is drawing 4 pictures that we will frame to go above the dresser. We're not going crazy. More accents then anything. Obviously, anyone who knows me or my family would know that the nursery was bound to be something Disney. Can't freakin wait to have it all done. I might spend more time in this room then the baby!!

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