Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh my we need a nursery!!

Well I guess this is what they call nesting. Had a minor freak out about 2 weeks ago realizing that we had done NOTHING for our sweet little babe. Other than the 2 outfits, okay maybe 3, that we found we had gotten nowhere. We kept finishing different things off in other parts of the house. Put the deck and patio in, finished the decor in the kitchen, got a new TV stand for the basement. Baby's room? Nadda. So, last week I had Doug take off Friday so we could get started.

We had a few ideas about what we wanted to do. I knew I wanted the colors to be grey and yellow but had no idea of how to paint the room. So, we decided to just pain the room grey and then do different accents in yellow. I LOVE IT!!! The grey isn't dark, but light and welcoming.  I can't wait to get the furniture in and finish everything up. But, I feel much better having done this much!!

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  1. That babe is gonna have a room big enough to hold him/her for years to come!!!! <3