Sunday, June 10, 2012

9 Weeks

We told a whole bunch of family this week about our little babe, so exciting! Even though we heard the heartbeat and saw the sweet thing on the ultrasound, telling people makes it real. I came to terms with being "high risk" and having this stupid vitamin D deficiency, which I still don't know how that's possible. Otherwise, I have come to find that I have officially grown a "bump". So, this will be my last symptoms post:

Sore Boobs: Going on 3 months of painful boobs. Common man.
Morning Sickness: The WORST feeling to me is being nauseous. I am NOT a fan of feeling this way all day. It makes it very very difficult to eat when all I want to do is rip my stomach out of my body.
Frequent Urination: It's like breaking the seal when you're drinking. Once I go to the bathroom once, I'm back every 20 minutes. I try to stay up as long as possible but this doesn't seem to change my 4:30am potty break.
Headaches: Went a whole day without a headache this week. BOOM.
Tiredness: Exhausted. Plain and simple. From sun up to sun down. Doesn't matter how long I sleep, I'm so tired all the time.
Bloating: I now can notice a "bump" that never goes away. Exciting? Idk.

Cravings: Nothing really crazy this week. More smoothies and fruit.
Aversions: Ketchup, Mexican, anything really vinegar based and red meat. Had a hamburger yesterday, bad choice.

Looking forward to: Being 10 weeks, 1/4 of the way there!! 
Not looking forward to: Continued horrible first trimester symptoms. It's getting old. (Yep, same this week. It really sucks!)

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