Friday, June 29, 2012

12 Weeks

How far along?  12w1d
Total weight gain:  Another time I thought I gained weight, I lost 5! WTH?
Maternity clothes?  Leggings & a few tops. Bought a bunch of clothes I can wear both being pregnant and not pregnant.
Stretch marks?  Nope!!
Sleep:  Been much better with the new pillow. Love my body pillow too. HIGHLY recommended!! Still have those 4am potty breaks though.
Miss Anything?  What I wouldn't give for a nice glass of sangria and some sushi right now!!
Best Moment this week:  Seeing our little one at our 12 week apt and hearing its perfect HB. Babe has gotten so big!!!
Movement:  I have come to the conclusion baby likes to roll around in there. Feels like I have a fish swimming around. Probably every few days I feel it.
Food cravings:  I told my husband I don't think I have every eaten so much fruit. I can't get enough of it though! Yummm!
Aversions:  Red meat, Mexican, and Ketchup (Even writing it makes me gag!)
Gender Prediction: Girl
Symptoms: I haven't been nauseous in 4 days!! Woohoo! However, these headaches, holy crap. I have to take tylenol just to be able to see straight. Thankfully, they only happen at night. (and are so much better then MS!!)
Have you started to show?  I sure think so. I show more at night than in the early morning.
Belly Button in or out? In! However, hubs looked at me the other day when he was putting lotion on my belly and said "Wow! Your belly button sure does look weird!" Thanks honey. Love you too.
Wedding rings on or off? On! I really hope I don't have to take them off.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Emotional!! Happy most of the time. But wow I think I have cried every day this week for no apparent reason.   
Looking forward to: Telling the rest of my family on Sunday. Then everyone will know!!!
Not looking forward to: Working late this weekend. I'm not sure I am ready for the late nights again.

Our precious baby. Little tyke was sleeping so we didn't see any movements. But got some great pictures!

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