Friday, June 15, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho Off to the ER I go...

If every pregnancy is going to be like this one, I'm never getting pregnant again. Thursday consisted of extreme RLQ abdominal pain and vomiting. Once I called the OB they said that I should go to the ER. Yippee! I went and got my husband (since he was on the way to the ER and I could hardly drive) and off we went. In the ER the docs were concerned about a few things, appendicitis and an unknown ectopic pregnancy. Good news, it was neither. However, I had a large cyst on my right ovary that decided to burst. Holy hell pain like I've never felt. I have a history of ovarian cysts but none have ever burst. More good news, because they had to do an ultrasound we got to see our little babe again. We were both astonished how big our little tyke has gotten in just two weeks. It actually looked like a baby and not just a blimp. Again, baby was absolutely perfect. We could see both hemispheres of its brain (which Doug thought was just the coolest thing EVER) and all 4 chambers of the heart. Thankfully, the burst didn't disturb our little honey at all. We do have a little dancer on our hands though, sonographer couldn't get babe to sit still long enough to measure everything. The doctors gave me Zofran to settle my stomach and morphine to help with the pain. I was prescribed more Zofran and Vicoden (since its okay in pregnancy) and told to take it super super easy this weekend. Hello bed rest. I have to go get a follow-up ultrasound with the OB next week to make sure the blood and fluid from the burst is getting absorbed and that my ovary is healing well. I wonder if we'll get to see little G again? Here's to a long weekend of movie marathons!!

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